Mindray Shined at ECR 2017 in Vienna

As one of the leading manufacturer and solution provider, Mindray participated with the latest Innovations in medical imaging at European Congress of Radiology from March 1-5 in Vienna, Austria.

With presenting the revolutionary ultrasound products Resona 7, DC-8Exp, DC-70Exp, M7 Premium, M9, TE7, ZS3, and Z.One Pro, Mindray stand caught great attention from the visitors and impressed them by the excellent image quality and cutting-edge technology.

Prior to the exhibition on March 1st, Mindray hosted a lunch symposium with the theme “New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation”. The symposium gathered more than 140 clinicians as well as healthcare professionals from over 40 countries around the world to share their latest findings and experience in the field of ultrasound with Mindray experts.

The lunch symposium was led by several renowned experts and chaired by famous European Radiologist Dr. Alfredo Goddi. Marketing Director of Mindray Europe, Mr. Willy Luiten gave the opening speech gaining momentum for Mindray’s innovations. Mindray Chief Product Officer, Dr. Glen McLaughlin, Dr. Hans-Peter Weskott, Prof. Fabrizio Calliada, and Dr. Francesco Giangregorio presented the Vector-Flow innovation to the public and impressed the end users with the outstanding new technology.

During the exhibition, the live scanning became a highlight of Mindray booth. The interactive way of product presentation provides visitors the chance to get closer to Mindray's latest innovations. Most of the visitors were impressed by the outstanding technology of the systems. The live simulation brought radiologists user-friendly operating experience with the premium ultrasound machines on site.

In addition, a Resona Club Lounge symposium was placed at Mindray booth for global Resona Club members, who are Resona series daily ultrasound diagnosticians and researchers, to share the latest knowledge and expertise of Resona series with each other. The symposium is widely acknowledged as a valuable platform gathering KOLs to exchange research findings and opinion.

As one of the largest and most innovative European events within the global radiology society, ECR attracts more than 26,000 participants from over 140 countries each year. Mindray places great emphasis to such academic and professional interaction with users and actively participates in each year’s ECR. It is believed that a comprehensive understanding of localized user needs is critical in providing the world with valuable innovations and cutting-edge medical technologies.