Mindray officially launched Resona 7 ultrasound system in Europe at ECR 2016

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna between March 2nd and 6th, Mindray Medical International showcased its latest medical imaging innovations aimed at helping clinicians improve their diagnosis. Mindray exhibited its Resona 7 Diagnostic Ultrasound System, MobiEye 700 Mobile Radiography System as well as other ultrasound solutions and radiology imaging systems. On March 2nd, a symposium themed "New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation" spearheaded the exhibition, gathering top clinicians as well as healthcare professionals all around the world and gaining momentum for Mindray innovations.

The Resona 7 was unveiled to a large audience at the Congress on March 3rd, marking the premium system's official launch in Europe. ÔÇ£Mindray is dedicated to making better healthcare solutions more accessible to humanity. As the latest high-end series of the Mindray ultrasound family, Resona embraces the synergy that combines top-tier ultrasound imaging technology with matching engineering, manufacturing and R&D capability.ÔÇØ said David Yin, Mindray Vice President and General Manager of International Sales & Marketing. ÔÇ£The launch of Resona 7, the flagship model of Resona Series, marks an important step forward and will be leading new waves in ultrasound innovation.ÔÇØ Powered by the revolutionary ZONE Sonography? Technology, Resona 7ÔÇÖs new ZST+ platform brings image quality to a higher level with zone acquisition and channel data processing. Resona 7 also provides useful tools for clinical research, such as V Flow for vascular hemodynamics evaluation and Smart Planes?, which allows for intelligent plane acquisition from a 3D dataset for fetal central nervous system diagnosis.

The TE7 touch screen ultrasound system was another eye-popping innovation at the exhibition. No need to navigate a knob cluttered keyboard, the TE7 is designed to provide superior quality imaging for rapid patient-care decisions by offering intuitive gesture controls and efficient focused point-of-care exams. The combination of advanced imaging technology and ergonomic design improves diagnostic confidence and efficiency. Visitors to the Mindray booth were also attracted by the M9 hand-carried ultrasound system that specializes in cardiology, and the DC-70 color Doppler ultrasound system dedicated to obstetrics and gynecology practice.

Another exhibit was the MobiEye 700 digital radiography system whose innovative power and intelligent mobility makes it a great breakthrough in mobile digital radiography. A fully charged MobiEye 700 exposes up to 700 times, drives 70km, and operates 7 days. Its unique bionic manipulator provides maximum clinical coverage, while the zero dead angle rotation makes it competent for complex hospital environments.

ECR is one of the largest and most innovative European events within the global radiology society, attracting more than 20,000 participants from around 100 countries and 4,000 scientific papers and exhibits every year. As a leading manufacturer, developer and marketer of medical devices worldwide, Mindray attaches great importance to such academic and professional interaction with users and actively participates in each yearÔÇÖs ECR. Mindray believes that a comprehensive understanding of localized user needs is critical in providing the world with valuable innovations and cutting-edge medical technologies.