The 3rd Resona Club Meeting Europe is a resounding success in Greece

On the 2nd of November, the third Resona Club Meeting was held in Athens, Greece, the historical capital of Europe. Fifty two renowned doctors, and some of the most potential customers worldwide were invited to the meeting.

Willy Luiten, Director of Sales and Marketing Ultrasound Europe gives the opening speech

The Resona specific programs with several discussions and sessions dedicated to radiology and woman health were led by the professionals.

Dr. Zoumpoulis, as the academic coordinator of this meeting, gave an overview of STE and Stain Elastography applications in all organs. He also initiated a discussion with the experts about the further details for future sessions.

Pavlos S. Zoumpoulis, MD PhD, shares his clinical insights

In the radiology sessions, several well-known experts shared their experience and research with the revolutionary technology of Vector Flow, Shearwave Elastography in Liver, and Fusion Imaging in Interventional Radiology. In particular during the hands-on workshops by Dr. Goddi, Dr. Zoumpoulis and Prof. Ferraioli demonstrated how the cutting-edge technology of Resona can be used and improve daily ultrasound diagnostic examinations.

Prof. Giovanna Ferraioli, Researcher at Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Medical School University Pavia, gives live demonstration

Dr. Alfredo Goddi, Chief Medical Officer for the SME-Diagnostic Imaging Medical Center in Varese, answers the questions

In the Woman Health sessions, Prof. Guiseppe Rizzo, Prof. Alexksandar Jurisic, and Dr. Fernando Sanchez Marin shared how they use the Resona 7 in their research in the Obstetrics and Gynecological field.

Prof. Guiseppe Rizzo, Director of the Department of Maternal Fetal Medicine Ospedale Criso Re Universit√° Roma Tor Vergata, shares the experience

Throughout the annual Resona Club meeting, all the participants talked highly about the important roles of the Resona technology playing in their daily ultrasound exams. Many participants also showed a strong willingness to have demonstrates with the Resona series in their hospitals or clinics in the near future.

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