How does Resona 7 lead new waves in ultrasound innovation

In ultrasound diagnostics, there is a clear demand for quick and accurate diagnosis. Mindray's revolutionary ultrasound system Resona 7 provides clinicians with quality images and proven clinical applications that help them deal with the various challenges at work.

UWN+ Contrast Imaging: Greater Sensitive

Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) has emerged as a valuable imaging modality for many applications. It generates significantly enhanced images, acquires greater sensitivity of minor signals and lengthens agent duration with lower MI (mechanical index).

Professor Christopher Dietrich from Germany recommends Resona 7 and its

UWN+ Contrast Imaging technique for being well integrated in his daily clinical practice. "With the support of contrast enhanced ultrasound technique, Resona 7 system allows reliable ultrasound imaging in terms of three most important quality parameters."

iFusion: More Precise

Fusion Imaging allows clinicians to fuse CT/MR images with live ultrasound, improving diagnostic confidence even in difficult cases. Bringing the precision of fusion imaging to a new level, Mindray’s iFusion supported by a sensitive magnetic motion sensor with millimeter accuracy can help eliminate distortion and fusion inaccuracy caused by patient respiration.

“The advantage of Mindray’s iFusion is to perform operational treatments in difficult cases and hence save the liver of the patient.” says Dr. Francesco Giangregorio, doctor from Guglielmo da Salicento Hospital.

How does Mindray’s revolutionary Resona 7 improve diagnostic accuracy with its

UWN+ Contrast Imaging and iFusion Imaging features? Expert clinicians are sharing first-hand experience with this overwhelming system at this year's ECR. Watch the video and listen to their expert opinions on the new waves in ultrasound innovation led by Resona 7.