6th Mindray Ultrasound Forum

Dedicated to the development of a professional platform to share and spread advanced ultrasound technologies, Mindray Ultrasound Forum (MUF) was successfully held in Shenzhen, China on 17th October. This is the sixth year that Mindray has held the ultrasound forum in the headquarters, attracting more than 300 experts and business partners from over 30 countries worldwide. 12 speakers from 9 countries across 4 continents shared with the attendees the latest ultrasound developments in OB/GYN, Radiology and Cardiovascular applications respectively.

"Starting in 2010, MUF has continuously provided opportunities for professional development." said Sarah Li, general manager of Mindray Medical Imaging System Business Unit. "The forum is already well-known as a highly-developed platform. Besides sharing latest knowledge and expertise, it further enhanced communication and cooperation between academics and practitioners, creating stronger synergy to the entire industry."

Resona 7 Global Launching Ceremony on 6th MUF

On this forum, Prof. Christoph Frank Dietrich, president of EFSUMB/WFUMB, Prof. Vladimir V Mitkov, president of RASUDM, Prof. Jianguo Li, president of CAUME, Prof. Yunyou Duan, chairman of Military Ultrasound Committee, David Yin, general manager of Mindray International Sales and Marketing System and Sarah Li, together unveiled Resona 7, Mindray's new-generation diagnostic ultrasound system, marking the official global launch of its most advanced ultrasound system. "As a leading medical equipment provider, Mindray has been devoted to the ultrasound business and created a lot of firsts in the field over the past 20 years." said Sarah Li. Exploring the way to improve diagnostic confidence, Mindray maintains its rapid pace. The revolutionary Resona 7 is designed as a premium, innovative and evolving system, seeking to satisfy all clinical demands. After the launch of Resona 7, Fabrizio Calliada, the prestigious radiologist, conducted a live scanning. The vivid demonstration together with Resona 7 excellent performance impressed the attendees deeply and it once again proved the unstoppable power of Resona 7.

Resona 7 New Waves in Ultrasound Innovation

Experts from different regions shared their knowledge with participants on the forum. For the field of Radiology, Mindray invited three professors with international reputation, including Prof. Christoph Frank Dietrich, Prof. Vladimir V Mitkov and Prof. Anhua Li. Their professionalism and unique way of presenting created waves of excitement among the attendees. As for OB/GYN, three well-known doctors delivered presentations on fetal neurosonogram, fetal cranial midline anomalies and related medicine case studies. For Cardiovascular application, Mindray invited six speakers, including Prof. Leopoldo Perez de Isla, president-elect of the Spanish Society of Cardiovascular Imaging, Prof. Ariel Cohen, scientific secretary of the French Society of Cardiology, Prof. Lixue Yin, vice president of Chinese Society of Ultrasound Medicine, Prof. Jorge A. Lowenstein, president of Inter American Society of Cardiology, Prof. Lijun Yuan, deputy director of Ultrasound Department in Tangdu Hospital and Prof. Murat Ozdemir from Gazi University School of Medicine. All these speakers provided participants with cutting-edge ultrasound knowledge within their expertise. The thunderous applause succeeded each of their presentations.

Clinical Experts Voice for Mindray Resona 7 Clinical Tools

Dr. Pallewatte, who has attended MUF for four times, spoke highly of the event. "MUF always provides me in-depth knowledge on application and emerging trends of ultrasound." As invited speaker, Prof. Christoph Frank Dietrich recommended MUF for its academic value and practical significance "It is an innovative and original platform. I am quite inspired here."

New waves in Ultrasound Innovation, as its theme of this year, MUF has always served as a professional platform to share the latest technologies in ultrasound, enhanced the communications among medical institutions, and will continue to lead the development trend of the industry.

from Experts:

Clinical Experts Voice for Mindray Resona 7 from Prof Christoph Frank Dietrich

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Clinical Experts Voice for Mindray Resona 7 from Prof Xiong Yi

Clinical Experts Voice for Mindray Resona 7 from Prof Leopoldo Perez de Isla

Clinical Experts Voice for Mindray Resona 7 from Prof Fabrizio Calliada & Prof Alfredo Goddi

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